SLS Mirror May-June 2017 - Page 18

Student Achievements Aditya Ajay Mehta, SLS’16. 1. Interned with iNdEXTb as a part of the AFDB 2017 Co-ordination Team for 8 Days i.e from 18th to 26th of May. 2. Interned with Simulations Public Affairs Management Services Pvt Ltd in the eld of Public Relations and Event Management for 1 Month i.e from 1st June to 30th June. Chandrali Rao, SLS’14. Chandrali Rao, SLS'14, a Cadet of NCC was promoted to the prestigious rank of Junior Under Ofcer (J.U.O.) on 26th January, Republic Day Parade Ceremony, 2017 by respected Dean of SLS, Dr. Nigam Dave. She has also completed her NCC "C" Certicate this year. 16