SLS Mirror May-June 2017 - Page 17

Student Achievements 3. Hitesh observed that people at Kubernagar, Narodaare only concerned with conventional school education and lack the sense of importance of art, aesthetics and creativity. He believed that if he could give the kids of age 9-15 years a kick-start, the rst exposure to various art forms, he could induce the sense of appreciation of art in them. That is why; he came up with the idea of arranging a 10-day workshop where these children would learn the basics of Calligraphy, glass painting, Zumba, Yoga, soft pastels, etc. The intention here was not prot, but to spread the love of art and help the kids understand where theirs skills and talent lie. He had skilled and humble friends and acquaintances that were ready to spread the knowledge without charging anything. Plus, the very generous trustees of NijVaikunthdham gave them a venue free of cost. With such a structure, he was able to create a workshop plan at just 350 per head (including all material costs). Even though he had planned to have 20 intakes, he took 28 students and had to close the admissions ultimately. The parents as well as the students were extremely contented with what they witnessed. Children began to see what they are good at and will hopefully pursue it further in their lives. The parents even prompted to design a 1-month long workshop for the next summers. For experiencing the smiles of these children again, he is more than ready to work it out the next time. 15