SLS Mirror May-June 2017 - Page 12

Faculty Achievements Dr. Neeta Sinha 1. Paper Presentation: “Changing HR Dynamics in the Current Workplace Practices” in 6 th International Conference on Engineering, Technology, Science and Management Innovation (ICETSMI-2017) a Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) New Delhi, 11June 2017 2. Paper Presentation: “Career Decisiveness of Indian College going students – A Psychosocial study” at VIT Chennai organized by Indian School Psychology Association on 26 th- 27 th May 2017 3. Publication: Changing HR Dynamics in the Current Workplace Practices, International Journal of Engineering, Technology, Science and Research, IJETSR,Vol.4, Issue 6, June 2017 ISSN:2394-3386 4. Training and Development: Conducted a workshop on “Principles of Organization Behavior” at Gujarat Institute of Disaster Managament on 27 th May for ofcials and professionals from PSU, companies, banks, associations, industries. Dr. Ritu Sharma 1. Book titled “Living Conditions and Quality of Life of Slum Dwellers” published by Boomerang, India May 2017.( ISBN No. 9788193390306)- Coauthored 2. Article titled “The Evolution of Indian Higher Education Signicance of Interdisciplinary Approach in Critical Thinking” published in 46 th National Convention 2017 organized by Indian Society for Training and Development. 3. Motivational Issues of Engineering Students in Current times- An Empirical study in Indian Context published in International Journal of Education and Management studies,2017,7(2), 279-286 (Author) 4. Served as program Committee member (external reviewer) for 62nd Annual ICSB World Conference 2016 held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on June 28-July 1, 2017. (International Council for Small Business (ICSB) which was founded in 1955 and is based in Washington, DC). 10