SLS Mirror May-June 2017 - Page 10

Student Reflection Like An Afterglow I stand in front of the dirty creamy wall holding the old, frayed and moth-eaten letters close to my heart and shut my moisture laden eyes to pour out my despondency. I treasure you Ma, the queen of my life, in my heart and my mind keeps reminiscing about you. The ache of longing to be with you echoes through the very marrow of my bones. It is a chill wind trapped in the chambers of my heart. The twelve letters you left behind, make me perceive your love for me better. I never knew that missing someone could take over every bre of your being and wring you out like a wet sponge every day. Trust me Ma, you have become a silhouette, as if you walked from a photograph and left behind blackness. There is an ache that comes and goes, always returning in quiet moments. I wish so much, to sleep in your lap, to eat from your delicate hands, to click seles with you, like all others do. Yes, I feel very alone in my seles, without you. Though you are gone, your aura remains, beautiful and strong, making the pain all the worse, keeping the feelings so raw. It's a cruelty that the sun continues to rise, to welcome in each new day devoid of your laughter or even your mere presence in my daily courses. Yet, amidst all this pain, your aesthetic and immortal soul comes with me wherever I go, just like an afterglow. - Kabbyashree Dasgupta, SLS 16 8