SLAS Times 2018/2019 Fall 2018 | Page 5

6. Students Had Fun at the First House Activity by Aileen Kang 10. Core Values and the House System Make Our School Special By Martina Barona 12. Five Minute Feast by Kei Taichi 13. E-Sports Are Coming to SLAS by Andrew Park 14. A Six Useful Apps for Students by Martina Barona 15. Mukbang: a Culinary Craze From Korea by Sarah Lee 16. A Taste of Korea in Shanghai by Eric Park 18. Back to School Bash Was a Smash! by Aileen Kang 22. Trending Music at SLAS by Anthony Yates 23. A Trip Around the World With Snacks by Laura Pascual 24. I Stayed Up All Night Playing Video Games by Kei Taichi 26. Apps You Can’t Live Without in China by Drabya Rana 27. The Performance Lab Band of SLAS by Anthony Yates 28. On the Road to Victory with the SLAS Volleyball Teams by Eric Park 30. Halloween at SLAS by Eric Park and Robert van West 38. Drabya’s Meme Corner by Drabya Rana 39. Student Comic Art by Miss Alina’s Class Index