SLAS Times 2018/2019 Fall 2018 - Page 38

Drabya’s Meme Corner by Drabya Rana Y ou might ask, “what are memes?” Memes are funny, viral images with hilarious text written on them. You usually look at memes when you are in the bathroom for long peri- ods of time (I’m joking - I don’t know where everyone looks at memes). Some students use memes as a way to relieve academic pressure. “I look at memes while doing stressful homework,” said Kimoni, a ninth grader at SLAS. Other students, such as ninth grader Eric, check out memes when their friends post them on social media. “I only look at memes when Drabya posts them on his moments.” Memes are a humorous and creative way for people around the world to express them- selves. Some countries, however, actively ban memes, so the use of these images can be sensitive in certain contexts. Some people believe that memes have been proven to be more influential than any politi- cian. Andrew a fellow SLAS student believes that memes have a way of changing the ste- reotypical and biased minds of the public. Enough with the chit chat. Now, prepare to be memed!