SLAS Times 2018/2019 Fall 2018 | Page 25

3:30 AM Occasionally, my PS4 controller would run out of battery, so I had to switch between three control- lers. At this time, all three of controllers had no battery, so I was forced to stop playing, and instead watch whatever movie I had on at the time. My eyes were tired, I was slouching, but I fought on, drinking the last drip of my coffee. I knew I was at the home stretch. 4:30 AM I was dead… Not really, but I was exhausted as I sat there mindlessly staring at the screen. I realized something - I was on the last mission. I had almost finished the game! So, I thought, “Have I been playing that long?” I couldn’t even believe my eyes. Maybe I was dreaming, and maybe I accidental- ly slept. I pinched my arm and I was still awake. Ouch! 6:25 AM I finally gave up. I couldn’t stay awake any longer. I was so tired that I couldn’t get to my bed, so I crashed on the couch and instantly fell asleep as if I were knocked out by Spider Man himself. I’m not even sure if I turned off the PS4, or my computer for that matter, but I was too tired to care any- more. Thus went the experiment. Would I recommend any gamer try what I did that night? Yes. If you are a gamer, then do it. Anyway, I’m sure most of you already did this or at least attempted to do this before. Would I ever do this again? Maybe if my parents let me... Kidding! It was way too tiring, and besides that, we have homework to do. 5:30 AM During this time, I was going between watching a movie on my computer, playing PS4, and listening to music. I was so tired that I kept on drifting in and out, but then I remembered that I had a mission to do. I wasn’t giving up now, not when I was so close, so I slapped myself in the face and continued playing. Double ouch!