SLAS Times 2018/2019 Fall 2018 | Page 18

Back to School Bash Was a Smash! by Aileen Kang T his was the 5th year celebrating Back to School Bash (B2SB) at Livingston. The event was held on September 22nd, and it was enjoyed by students, teachers, and par- ents alike. There were a lot of performances to watch and activities participate in. Other than these amazing performances by students, there were games for children. The first game was flip board which was only for three to five year old kids. The next game was hula-hoop relay, which was available for first grade to sixth grade. The last activity was the 11-legged race for middle school and high school students. There were no prizes, but everyone who participated enjoyed playing and watching the race. There were a lot of performances with stu- dents from kindergarten to 12th grade. The first performance after the opening remarks from our principal, Ms.Faustina, was the Tal- chum Masked dance performed by Korean There were a lot of performances and activi- Kindergarten students. When these stu- ties to enjoy during Back to School Bash and I dents were performing, they wore traditional am looking forward to the next one. clothes called “hanbok.” The next performance was “Down by the Bay” and “Boyoyon” performed by the Japanese kindergarten. After these performances from the Korean and Japanese kindergarten, the SLAS performance lab performed the song “Faded” originally by Alan Walker. Another performance was a gymnastics per- formance by International and Japanese en- riched classes in grades three to five. Finally, the dance class performed a song called “In My Feelings” by Canadian rapper Drake. There were some students and teach- ers that came up to the stage and danced and enjoyed the music together. One of the stu- dents in dance class, Cindy Yang (8th grade) said, “I felt very embarrassed and I had a little stage fright.” Another student, Olivia Choi (8th grade) said, “I was a little nervous but happy to experience dancing in front of parents and lots of students with my friends.”