SLAS Times 2018/2019 Fall 2018 | Page 16

A Taste of Korea in Shanghai by Eric Park E ating is one of the best parts of life. A lot of people enjoy tasting food from differ- ent countries, and in Shanghai, I see a lot of non-Koreans enjoying Korean food. Many people enjoy a very famous Korean barbecue restaurant near Hong Xin Road called Qing He Gu. Kimchi stew is a common comfort food in Ko- rea. People often order kimchi stew with their barbeque because the spicy part of the stew balances out the oily flavor from the grilled meat. Grilling Korean food by oneself is a special skill, so the employees at Qing He Gu grill Qing He Gu is often mentioned in newspa- meat for customers who are not familiar with pers, blogs, and books as the best Korean the process. Barbecue restaurant in Shanghai. A lot of ce- lebrities from Korea come to this restaurant Are you hungry? Book a table at Qing He Gu to enjoy a taste of home. Korean celebrity au- and find out why it’s such a popular restau- tographs displayed at the front gate include rant. PSY, Wondergirls, Girl’s Generation, and more! The Location The Food Hongxin Road 3998, Di Bao Mansion 2nd Side dishes, or “banchan” in Korean, include Floor, Shanghai, China popular dishes such as kimchi, mung bean sprouts, stir-fried potato, and more. Different Rating: varieties of meat are grilled with charcoal; Service: 4/5 a better option than fire, because charcoal Food: 4/5 is said to kill bacteria and toxins in food. To Value: 3.5/5 many fans of Korean cuisine, charcoal grilled Atmosphere: 4/5 meat also tastes better. Prominent dishes at Qing He Gu are pork ribs (Yangnyeom-galbi), pork belly (Samgyeopsal) and Kimchi stew (Kimchi-Jige). Pork ribs (yangnyeom-galbi) are marinated spareribs with Korean sweet and salty soy sauce. It is one of the most popular dishes in Korea. Pork belly (Samgyeopsal) is another popular dish people like to eat in Korea. Pork belly meat is as common in Korea as sausage is in Germany. I fully recommend these two types of meat to eat in a Korean barbecue restaurant.