SLAS Times 2018/2019 Fall 2018 | Page 14

A Six Useful Apps for Students by Martina Barona Khan Academy Khan Academy helps students improve in diff erent areas of Math, Science, Programming, Economics, History and more. It also prepares students for tests such as the SAT’s. The soft ware shows students what they are struggling with, and also helps the teacher know what they’re struggling with. Maxon Jin, a 9th grader, says, “Khan Academy is really help- ful for practicing your math skills, and if you are falling behind in a class you can watch the videos and do the practice exercises.” Quizlet Quizlet helps students create flashcards and practice tests in a fast and eff icient manner. Students can also make their own vocabulary lists while studying for tests and quizzes. Some Quizlet flashcards are avail- able online in their complete form, so they can help you save a lot of time studying. Duolingo Learning a new lan- guage is diff icult, but this Desmos free app is here to help. Desmos helps students It teaches new vocab- graph math equations. ulary and then it gives If students don’t have a exercises to practice. 9th grader Aileen Kang said calculator, they can use “Duolingo was helpful when I studied Japanese Desmos as an alterna- because it showed me how to pronounce the tive. Kyle, a 10th grader, said, “Desmos is a good words and taught me what the characters looked way for students to understand diff erent methods like. It also gave me examples of new words.” to understand diff erent topics such as graphs, in- equalities and problem-solving skills.” YouTube Grammarly YouTube is not only for Grammarly helps stu- entertainment, it can dents with their writing. also teach students It is a fast proofreader about topics that they that corrects the mis- don’t understand or that takes in documents. It they didn’t go over in class. It allows for visual checks for grammar, walkthroughs of topics. Not only that, it is also a punctuation, word choice, spelling and style. free platform with actual lessons from real teach- It also checks for plagiarism, so you will not get ers. points deducted from your work. Victor, a 12th grader, said, “In my opinion, Grammarly is very helpful because it automatically corrects my grammar whenever I’m typing on my computer.”