SLAS Times 2018/2019 Fall 2018 | Page 12

Five Minute Feast by Kei Taichi A re you late for class? Did you skip break- fast? Lunch is two hours away and you have chemistry class next period, so what do you do? 3. Snickers If you’re looking for something more fulfill- ing than skittles, snickers is your candy! Have it prepared by your side and when that bell goes “ring-a-ding-ding,” quickly shove the bar Here is a countdown of the top five snacks to into your mouth like a squirrel and run to your eat in those precious five minutes while run- next class. ning between classes. 2. Haribo Gummies 5.Reese’s Pieces If you’re late for a class, there’s always one The first snack comes in bite sized form. If thing you can count on… Bears! Well, gummy someone asked you, “What are Reese’s piec- bears that is. Much like Skittles, you can eat a es?” simply say they are one of the best pea- bunch at once so no one would understand nut butter and chocolate candies ever! Aller- you when you talk. You’ll feel terrible after- gic to peanut butter? Our next entry will surely wards, but at least you won’t be hungry. have you satisfied. 1. M&M’s 4.Skittles And now for the ultimate snack… M&M’s! When you think of rainbow colored candy, Sorry Skittles, but these mini chocolate fla- what comes to mind? If you said “M&M’s” you vored candies are just too hard to resist! If you would be wrong! If you truly want to “taste the prefer M&M’s with a little more crunch, then rainbow” Then, Skittles is the way to go! Grab M&M’s with nuts is the candy for you. M&M’s a handful, throw them into your mouth and are truly the colorful kings of all snacks. rush to class. You will be satisfied until lunch.