Skin Health Magazine Issue #9 / Autumn-Winter 2018 | Page 21

Diet & Fitness Your Winter Workout I t’s too cold and dark to jog. Your diary is too packed for the gym. We understand, so here’s a super-basic workout to do at home in under 30 minutes, using only a mat and your body. Set an interval timer for one minute: 45 seconds per move (after warming up), 15 seconds for transition. We trust you know these moves already; just focus on form and rest as needed! And remember, consult a doctor before trying any new workout regime if you have health issues. Turn on a great song and warm up (3-5 mins) Do a mix of star jumps, jogging on the spot, high kicks and toe touches. Dance! Start out standing (45 seconds) • Small arm circles • Tricep dips, on the floor or chair Lie on a mat, knees bent (45 seconds) • Crunches to the left • Crunches to the middle • Crunches to the right Lift hips for a booty work (45 seconds) • Small range bum lifts Roll to the left, extend your legs (45 seconds) • Left side plank • Lower yourself for right leg lifts • Shift right leg forward for left leg lifts Roll on to your right side (45 seconds) • Right side plank • Lower yourself and do left leg lifts • Shift left leg forward for right leg lifts Roll on to your front (45 seconds) • Push-ups • Plank • Downward Dog • Superwoman reps Stand up slowly (45 seconds) • Classic squats • Right lunges • Jumping squats • Left lunges Stretch everything (3-5 mins)Take your time and enjoy it. Breathe as you work through stretching your calves, quads, abs, back, arms, and neck. Focus on every body part that, by now, should feel a bit like Christmas pudding. ISSUE #09 | 2018 | 21