Skin Health Magazine Issue #9 / Autumn-Winter 2018 | Page 39

DISCOVER THE FUTURE OF AGE MANAGEMENT wi th a PREMI UM o nce- a - d ay Co lla gen D R INK Sup p lement S kin • Hair • Nai l s • Jo i nts • Bo ne s • Gu t Health • Peri/Post Menopause TOTALLY DERMA ® is a specialist, evidence-based, nutraceutical drink supplement containing 10,000mg patented Arthred ® collagen amino acid peptides, Synovoderma ® hyaluronic acid and therapeutic doses of key antioxidants, anti infl ammatories and minerals for collagen production and repair. Totally Derma ® is 95% bioavailable, optimising not only the skin, but the entire body and its systems at the cellular level. It contributes to skin fi rmness, elasticity and hydration, longer, stronger hair and nails, more fl exible joints and is a key supplement for peri and post-menopausal women. BEFORE AFTER Totally Derma ® is an adjunct ‘rejuvenative’ and ‘systemic’ product that enhances the eff ects of topicals and more invasive medical BEFORE AFTER aesthetic procedures and promotes BEFORE AFTER recovery post-procedure. BEFORE AFTER BEFORE C L I N I C A L LY P R O V E N S C I E N C E Tel: 020 3126 6795 | Email: [email protected] AFTER Once a day supplement mixed with water, smoothie or fruit juice. Expect results in 6-12 weeks.