Skin Health Magazine Issue #9 / Autumn-Winter 2018 | Page 27

Epionce founder Dr Carl Thornfeldt
out , it needs to be healthy . This means cleansing the skin with cleansers that don ’ t strip or damage the three key barrier oils that keep the skin barrier intact ( cholesterol , ceramides and free fatty acids such as linoleic acid ), using treatment products that do not release inflammatory signals into the skin , using a moisturiser that can repair and maintain the protective barrier , and using a sunscreen every single day – even if it ’ s cloudy or raining outside .
I always recommend a Renewal Facial product for my patients . This is the foundation of the Epionce range . Regardless of the skin concern , these powerful treatment moisturisers help optimise the health of the skin . Once a Renewal product is in place , we build out the rest of the ( skin care ) regime based on the individual ’ s needs and concerns .
We receive great feedback from people who have dramatically improved their skin because they started using Epionce – from acne to dermatitis and anti-aging . However , the most gratifying feedback for me are the stories I hear from parents of children with eczema who tell me that their whole family has a better quality of life because their child is not up all night itching and scratching .
As an inventor and scientist who takes care of patients , I am always thinking about new approaches to the skin conditions I see in my practice . There are many years ’ worth of ideas in the development pipeline that I am very excited to be working on right now . My goal , however , remains the same – to develop products that improve the health and quality of life of my patients .
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