Skin Health Magazine Issue #9 / Autumn-Winter 2018 | Page 13

HOW TO... Use a Dermaroller T o look at, a dermaroller has more in common with a medieval torture device than an at-home skin care tool. However, despite appearances, it is one of the best ways to improve the results of your current routine and get yourself out of a skin care rut, without forking out for a completely new set of products. Derma-rolling or micro-needling involves cre- ating tiny holes in the surface of the skin by rolling a wheel packed with miniscule needles over the face. It sounds horrendous, we know, but the process is almost completely pain-free and is easy to do once you get the hang of it. The reasons why micro-needling is so effective are that a) it forces the skin to produce more collagen, as a response to the mild trauma suf- fered at the surface, and b) these microscopic holes create an unobstructed pathway to the dermis, meaning any serum you apply afterwards can penetrate deeper into the skin and get to work faster. In short, your skin becomes notice- ably plumper and firmer in a short space of time. To get the best out of any dermaroller, you need to remember three things: keeping it clean and, most importantly, sterile is vital to prevent irritation; you don’t need to use a lot of pressure to see results; and take your time. For the treat- ment to work, your skin needs to be clean and dry. Once cleansed, mentally split your face into four sections (forehead, each cheek, and chin) and work each section separately until you have covered the entire face. Take your dermaroller and roll it gently back and forth over each section of your face in different directions. Start off by going horizontally, then vertically, and then diagonally, before moving on and repeating the same routine on the next section of your face. If you take your time, the whole process should take around ten minutes. Afterwards, it’s almost guaranteed that your skin will look flushed but this is normal. You’ve liter- ally just rolled a load of tiny needles over your face. Once the whole face has been micro-needled, you can apply your favourite serum and moisturising cream. While active formulas are great, avoid anything too concentrated, like a high strength Vitamin C or Retinol serum. Hydrating formu- las are best, but peptide-rich serums can work wonders too. And don’t forget to spend time cleaning your dermaroller ready for the next time you use it, which, ideally, would be after at least three days or longer depending on your skin type. Another thing to remember is never use a der- maroller on broken skin, during a breakout or if you have easily irritated skin. Now, let’s get ready to roll! ISSUE #09 | 2018 | 13