Skin Health Magazine Issue #9 / Autumn-Winter 2018 | Page 11

What can you drink? Plenty. Here’s a starter list to memorise: Dry wine Whether you prefer red or white, go for the unsweet options such as sauvignon blanc, char- donnay, or merlot. 1. Don’t Show Up Thirsty Drink plenty of water before you leave your house so that, at your event, you’re sipping your cocktail for taste rather than satiation. 2. Don’t Show Up Hungry It’s very easy to drink too much on an empty stomach. Avocado, unsalted nuts, a banana and greek yoghurt are filling without making your dress tighter. 3. Swap in Water Between Alcoholic Drinks Having water in your hand is strangely effective at postponing your next tipple, plus the addi- tional hydration will help offset the effect of other drinks. Beer The fizziness and water content is more filling and can naturally slow down your intake. Bloody Mary Made with vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, lemon juice and celery salt, this can almost pass for a meal. Enjoy. Moscow Mule These are typically made with vodka, lime juice, syrup, and a splash of ginger beer. Replace the sugar syrup with soda water and you’re good to go. 4. Avoid Sweet Mixed Drinks Choose drinks that use soda water rather than juice or sugary mixers. Whisky on the rocks The strong flavour will keep you sipping slowly, keeping your overall consumption down. But only allow yourself one. Somehow that second whisky goes down a lot faster. 5. Drink Mocktails Pour sparkling water in a pretty glass with a wedge of orange on the rim, and you can stop hearing “Why aren’t you drinking?” over and over. You can drink almost anything if you moderate the sugar and alcohol content. If you follow our tips for drinking less overall, you’ll never have to choose between booze and beauty. Now, let’s party! ISSUE #09 | 2018 | 11