Skin Health Magazine Issue #6 / Winter 2018 - Page 6

KNOW YOUR RETINOL RULES S peak to any skin care expert or dermatol- ogist and they will be united in their ap- preciation for Retinol and all it can do for the skin. Speak to users of Retinol and they will more often than not describe their experi- ence with the ingredient as a bit of a love/hate relationship. The things they love? The amazing texture-smoothing, dark spot-lightening and fine line-plumping benefits that come with consistent application. The things they are less keen on? The uncomfortable skin sensitivity, the redness, the peeling and flaky skin, and the fact that consistency is key. If you are new to Retinol or want to give it another shot, these are the golden rules you need to live by. Rule #1: Pick the Right One It sounds obvious, but most people underes- timate Retinol on their first try, so they pay less attention to the details of the product. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all version of Retinol, so make sure you read the product description and check the ingredients list to find out what the product is focused on (is it better at clearing up breakouts or plumping wrinkles?) and what type of Retinol it uses, as some brands create their own derivatives and some encapsulate the ingredient to make it less irritating. Trust us, it’s worth the extra couple of minutes. Rule #2: Start Small and Slow This is probably the most flouted rule in the Retinol Handbook. Using a Retinol product that is too strong for your skin or using it too frequently is the quickest route to red, angry and itchy skin, which is why most people give ISSUE #06 | 2018 | 6 Retinol is the only ingredient that requires a training manual and a testing initiation period before providing you with results, but the complexions of those who stick with it are always the best in the room.