Skin Health Magazine Issue #6 / Winter 2018 - Page 36

PRODUCT REVIEW SKINCEUTICALS HYDRATING B5 By Danielle Hadley T ake a look at the skin care products sitting on your bathroom shelf. How many of them were impulse buys or purchases heavily influenced by media hype? We’re guessing quite a few. And how many of those products have actually become an im- portant part of your daily routine? We’re guess- ing not that many. When you’re trying to build an effective skin care routine, it’s important to nail the basics first before indulging in any trendy extras. To look at, the SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 serum couldn’t be more basic. It’s a simple, clear glass bottle that houses within it a trans- parent liquid that you could easily scroll past if it appeared on your Instagram feed. But what it lacks in fancy packaging, it makes up for in formulation. Packed with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5, this thick, gel-like serum is like the Little Black Dress of the skin care world – a suits-all staple that everyone needs in their collection – working wonders for every skin type, at any time of the year. It’s this combination of two hydrating power- houses that makes this serum so special. Instead of simply conditioning the surface of the skin, like many moisturising creams do, the Hydrat- ing B5 travels down to the lower layers to re- plenish depleted moisture reserves where it counts. This then plumps fine dehydration lines and alleviates dry patches while restoring balance and calm to the skin. Like a good LBD, this serum can work its magic alone or paired with other products. Alone, it provides grease- less hydration that won’t clog the pores. Layered with other formulas, especially face creams and lotions, it works to enhance their benefits. It can even work as a pacifier when skin is strug- gling to remain calm during the use of strong acids or active ingredients. If you can envisage such a product in your routine, remember these three things. When layering it with other active serums, apply the most active first. If you use an antioxidant in the morning (and, by now, you should be), apply this before the Hydrating B5, as its ingre- dients need a clear pathway into the skin to work best. Next, avoid unnecessary waste by dripping the serum directly onto the face before mas- saging it in with fingertips. The pipette applicator makes this incredibly easy and will prevent valua- ble product being ab- sorbed by the palm of your hands; just drop a dot onto each cheek- bone, the chin and, lastly, on the centre of the forehead. Finally, be consistent. Use it twice a day, every day, to enjoy a smooth, bouncy com- plexion all year round. ISSUE #06 | 2018 | 36