Skin Health Magazine Issue #6 / Winter 2018 - Page 18

WHAT IS YOUR SKIN CARE ROUTINE MISSING? By Shari Shallard T his is going to be a great year for your skin. No more falling asleep with your make-up on (your poor pores will be so happy to hear this), no more skimping on moisturiser (say goodbye to the tightness), and no more forgetting sunscreen (your future youthful-looking self will be forever grateful). This year you’re dispensing with your passive, inconsistent approach to skin care and finally asking yourself: Where are the gaps in my routine? To help, we’ve made a checklist of everything that should be included in your 2018 skin care regime. THE BASICS We hope you’re already adhering to these four steps every morning and evening. If not, start right now. Seriously, put the magazine down and go wash your face. Cleanser Your skin type determines what kind you need (options include foaming formulas, gentle lotions, oil-free gels and more). Cleansing in the morning works to prep your face for the steps that follow, but even more importantly: Use. Cleanser. Every. Night. Don’t go to sleep with the whole day clogging up your face. Antioxidant Serum During the day, an antioxidant helps to protect against all the free radicals coming at you left and right. In the evening, switch it out for something more corrective. Forgetting to use such a serum while you sleep deprives your face of an eight-hour renewal session. Whether you want better cell renewal or anti-aging ben- efits, there’s a serum for that. Moisturiser Keeping your skin hydrated is vital to its texture and wrinkle-resistance. Daily moisturisers tend to be lighter, living discreetly beneath your make-up. In the evenings, a generous amount of night cream will envelop your skin in hydra- tion and important rejuvenating ingredients. ISSUE #06 | 2018 | 18