Skin Health Magazine Issue #6 / Winter 2018 - Page 14

SKIN CARE SWITCH UPS FOR 2018 By Danielle Hadley When your skin care routine is no longer working and you’re ready to take the next step, here are five New Year switch ups that will take your routine from OK to oh wow! Switch water for beauty drinks & supplements Water is amazing for the skin, no one is disput- ing that but, well, it’s a little boring. The easiest way to take your skin care routine from inter- mediate to expert is to incorporate a skin-loving supplement. The nutraceutical market has been gaining momentum for a few years now and the choice is better than ever. Want to finally wave goodbye to adult acne? Try a Vitamin A supplement, like the Advanced Nutrition Pro- gramme Skin Accumax. Want to combat depleted collagen levels? Mix a little of the Totally Derma Nutraceutical Skin Drink in with your morning orange juice. While topical products are great for addressing the signs of ageing, fatigue and damage at the surface, they can’t reach the lower layers of the skin and make changes that will prevent such issues from cropping up in the future. Specialist supplements and beauty beverages can, so pair them with your existing topical products to maximise the results of your regime in 2018. Switch sheet masks for peel-off facials We professed our love for sheet masks in our last issue, and there will always be a place for them in our routine, but the new kid on the face masking block is too good to resist. Peel-off face masks were big news in the nineties, but un- ISSUE #06 | 2018 | 14 Switch peptides for stem cells As skin gets older, it becomes thin and slack, making it prone to damage and moisture loss. Peptides have always been one of the go-to ingredients to help combat this, as they have the ability to stimulate communication between the cells, boosting everything from collagen production to wound healing. Now, more and more brands are ditching peptides for stem cells, with the ingredient set to overtake many old school anti-aging favourites in the popularity stakes in 2018. The reason for this switch is that stem cells, especially plant-derived stem cells, are able to increase the thickness and, therefore, resilience of the skin by replacing damaged cells. Unlike peptides, stem cells are non-specialised cells, meaning they can self-renew wherever they are placed. When it comes to skin, they can regenerate into epidermal cells, increasing their overall population within the basal layer, to gradually rebuild the skin from the inside out. Try the MZ Skin Rest & Revive Restorative Placenta & Stem Cell Night Serum to transform the skin while you sleep.