Skin Health Magazine Issue #6 / Winter 2018 - Page 10

CARING FOR DARK SKIN How a new online platform is helping people of colour find their skin solution T By Danielle Hadley owards the end of last year, the skin care market started to shift. After decades of being ignored and under-served, the conversation finally switched to the needs of those with darker skin tones and what kind of products and treatments their complexions could actually benefit from. Due to the higher concentration of melanin in the skin, deeper skin tones experience a differ- ent set of concerns compared to those with minimal melanocytes, and it’s these nuances which make treating black and Asian skin so much more tricky. This, coupled with a lack of availability when it comes to products and treatments, leaves many people frustrated and out of pocket. After hearing complaints from her patients regarding the lack of clinic professionals who knew how to treat dark skin, Dija Ayodele, an aesthetician and beauty industry expert, decided to create a solution and set up Black Skin Di- rectory – a unique platform that connects patients with professionals and clinics who have experience treating dark skin. “I’ve always been aware that women of colour sometimes struggle to find clinics experienced in treating darker skin tones, but I was surprised to learn from our research that 92% of women found it very challenging,” explains Dija. “This revealed to me that the problem was much bigger than previously thought and it set the foundations for Black Skin Directory. In addi- tion, our results showed an increased lean towards the idea that patient and professional ISSUE #06 | 2018 | 10