Skin Health Magazine Issue #12 / Summer-Autumn 2019 | Page 4

FROM THE EDITOR I hope you’re having a great summer so far. Whether you’re holidaying overseas or staying at home and making the most of the nice weather, we have some great sun protection advice for you. Our con- tributing writer, Shari Shallard, shows you exactly what you need for head to toe protection when spending time in the sunshine. Keeping to the topic of sun protection, we have the pleasure of wel- coming a new guest editor, Dija Ayodele, Founder of The Black Skin Directory, who delves into the myth that skin of colour doesn’t need to be protected from the sun. This time of year inevitably brings with it the complications of hyperpigmentation. If any of you suffer with this skin condition you’ll know how the sun exacerbates it and summer is usually the hardest time of the year to keep it under control. To help understand more about what causes skin discolouration and uneven tone, we con- tacted top US Dermatologist Dr Leslie Baumann of Skin Type Solutions in Miami, Florida. Dr Baumann explains the different types of hyperpigmentation and what you can do to treat its appearance throughout the year. In this issue’s My Skin Journey we inter- view the Queen of Green, Tata Harper, Founder of Tata Harper, the natural skin- care brand leading the way with plant- based ingredients and formulations. Tata gives us her insight into organic farming and talks about her favourite products for creating that beautiful glow. Finally, we’ve scanned the globe and hand picked some of the best skincare brands from around the world. From the UK and Sweden, to the US and Japan, our favour- ite products have some amazing history. Enjoy the rest of your summer! See you in Autumn. Best Wishes HELEN ELLDRED EDITOR-IN-CHIEF [email protected] ISSUE #12 | 2019 | 4