Skin Health Magazine Issue #10 / Winter 2019 - Page 8

& Mind Wellbeing How To Be More Productive I t’s a lazy time of year, isn’t it? No big holidays to keep us hustling, no springy weather to beckon us outdoors. If you’re lacking the motivation to do anything but eat soup and watch telly, try one of these tips to inject some efficiency and productivity back into your life. 1. Set a physical goal. Register for a 10K that will be held six-to-eight weeks from now. Write down your training plan, and start following it immediately. Regular exercise will give you more energy and optimism, and a goal will keep you focused. 2. Join a weekly club or class. Have you always wanted to learn Italian? Maybe painting, photography, or web design? You’ll marvel at how your schedule expands to fit in a weekly commitment, and how the amount of time you usually waste naturally dissipates. Meanwhile, the newfound camaraderie and personal growth will transform your day-to-day sense of purpose. 3. Make a schedule for yourself. With less sun and structure, we lie in too long, snack and sip endlessly, and stay up too late. Then, we look back at the day and ask, ‘Where did those hours go?’ Brainstorm what each day should hold and write it out: What time to wake, eat, exercise, work, be social, read, explore new skills, and, yes, relax. This isn’t a forever sched- ule, but when your willpower is as low as it is right now, a bossy piece of paper can keep you on track. 4. Look at your diet. If bad habits took hold over the festive season, they are most certainly bringing you down now. Too much caffeine, alcohol, sugar, unhealthy fats, and processed carbs are not only bad for the waistline, but lead to fitful sleep, lethargic mornings, and aimless afternoons. Up your water intake and focus on eating foods that have only one ingredient. 5. Plan something you’re looking forward to. After the back-to-back festivities of December, this time of year can be particularly deflating. Book a fun, invigorating getaway — and make sure it’s at least a month or so away. Studies show that simply looking forward to an event can be satisfying and invigorating. ISSUE #10 | 2019 | 8