Skin Health Magazine Issue #10 / Winter 2019 - Page 3

CONTENTS ISSUE #10 | 2019 FEATURES 06. The History of Cosmeceuticals Leslie Harris from SkinCeuticals takes us back to the start 08. How To Be More Productive Ways to make the most of 2019 10. What Happens to the Skin While You Sleep Is beauty sleep all it’s cracked up to be? 14. The Eyes Have It Ways to tackle fine lines, puffiness and dark circles 18. A Beginner's Guide to In-Clinic Procedures Get the lowdown on peels, facials and more 21. Foods To Help You Survive Flu Season Eat your way to better health this winter 22. The Joy of Masking The most joyful step in your skin care routine 26. My Skin Journey We chat to the inspiring woman behind Paula’s Choice 28. Keeping Up With the Koreans Our favourite skin care from Asia 30. Bacteria and Your Skin The good and the bad 34. Marvellous Molecules How your skin care really works Skin Health Magazine is wholly owned by Skin Health Magazine Ltd. Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly forbidden without prior written consent from Skin Health Magazine Ltd. The views expressed in the magazine are not necessarily those of the editor or publisher. Skin Health Magazine Ltd accepts no liability for products and services offered by third party companies. REGULARS 13. How To... Tell if your beauty products have expired 16. Editors’ Picks The products we’re loving right now 25. Ingredient Spotlight Everything you need to know about peptides 33. Ask Our Nurse We put your questions to our resident aesthetic nurse 36. Product Review The cult favourite product you need to know about 38. Competition Your chance to win the latest serum from Paula’s Choice Editorial: Helen Elldred: Editor-In-Chief, Danielle Hadley: Health & Beauty Editor, Shari Shallard: Contributing Writer Production: Matthew Lelonek: Production/Design Executive Zah Chahil: Graphic Design Management: Stephen Elldred: Managing Director, Advertising Enquiries: ISSUE #10 | 2019 | 3