Skin Health Magazine Issue #10 / Winter 2019 - Page 27

skin care line! Knowing that I changed (my customers) lives and helped make them feel beautiful and confident about their appearance has kept me going for 40 years, even on the most difficult days of my career. The truth in beauty is that we know more about skin care and what is possible than ever before, but skin care is also more complicated than ever before. Skin is the largest organ of the body with very complex physiological needs and the research is phenomenally technical. Skin care is rocket science. So while there’s more communi- cation available about skin care than ever before, it’s often either misleading or overhyped infor- mation stretching reality to the breaking point. And there’s an unfortunate amount of misin- formation on the Internet about the alleged dangers of certain ingredients that have actually been deemed safe and highly effective. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a one- size-fits-all product. Someone who has acne or rosacea or dry skin or advanced sun damage should not be using the same products. That’s why we have very targeted skin care routines at Paula’s Choice that I’m very proud of. If you have acne, you will love my CLEAR products. If you have combination skin and signs of ageing or sun damage, my RESIST Anti-Aging products for combination skin will be a revelation (potent products with the lightest weight textures imag- inable) and if you have redness and rosacea-prone skin, my CALM products can make a huge improvement. Even if you don’t have a specific concern or skin disorder, you can use my DEFENSE line to keep skin protected from environmental issues (like airborne pollutants) that impact everyone’s skin. My aspirations for the future? To keep doing what we do best, which is make products with the ideal combination of ingredients to feed the skin what it needs to literally become younger, health- ier, to heal, and solve skin problems in ways that will make you love to look in the mirror! ISSUE #10 | 2019 | 27