Skin Health Magazine Issue #10 / Winter 2019 - Page 10

WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR SKIN WHILE YOU SLEEP? By Shari Shallard S ometimes it seems that half our prod- ucts are designed to cover up signs of a bad night’s sleep, while the other half are formulated to work miracles while we snooze. Why is sleep such a cornerstone of our skin care regime? affect the absorption of products through the skin barrier. Theoretically, this could mean that the active ingredients in your night cream may have a greater chance of penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, giving them greater efficacy. We talked to Dr Catherine Borysiewicz, a Consultant Dermatologist at the Cadogan Clinic in London and at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, about what’s happening when we sleep and how to best harness the power of catching those Zs. SHM: We often hear that our skin cells ‘regen- erate’ while we sleep. What’s happening on the inside? CB: We’ve all heard the expression ‘beauty sleep’. However, little is known about what happens to skin cells during sleep. The central clock for setting human sleep patterns is in the hypothal- amus; it’s suspected that the cells making up the skin and its supporting structures also have ‘mini clock’ genes and proteins that are able to coordinate variations in cell activity. SHM: Does skin respond to topical products differently while we sleep? CB: Some studies have suggested that changes in skin barrier function and temperature may ISSUE #10 | 2019 | 10