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G R EEN A R C H I TE C TU R E PHOTOS AT LEFT AND ABOVE COURTESY OF DAN HARPER Sputnik Winnipeg, MB - The corner of Portage and Main in the dead of winter has been jokingly referred to as one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. This stretches the truth more than a little. But the city of Winnipeg at any point in time between mid-November and mid-March does have the capacity for intolerable cruelty. Little wonder, then, that home base for one of Canada’s most innovative architectural firms should be less than three kilometres away from the infamous intersection. “Wind and light and cold are the primary elements that start to infer themselves on the shapes and the way our buildings are put together,” says Peter Hargraves, one of the founders of Sputnik Architecture Inc. This common-sense approach to the requirements of a given structure have placed the firm at the forefront of environmental design and, somewhat ironically given the company name, placed Sputnik on solid ground with clients and critics alike. “We look back at the people who lived here before and the buildings they came up with are beautiful and quite technical and respond well to the environmental conditions,” Hargraves adds. “We need to challenge ourselves to look at that and be confident that we’re going to be a bit less interested in importing styles and designs from California that make no sense here.” 26 six star magazine PHOTOS NEAR RIGHT AND FAR RIGHT: COURTESY OF SPUTNIK ARCHITECTURE Architecture INC. Philosophy Follow the 7 R rule — reduce, reuse, recycle, remember, relate, restore and revive Next big project A tiny cottage development project in Kenora; energy- and space-efficient fun at the lake The state of eco-friendly architecture today Improving as people grow aware that everything they do matters Claim to fame Our Warming Huts appeared on The Rick Mercer Show