Six Common Review and Production Problems: How to Fix Them August 2014 - Page 7

CHAPTER ONE Redaction (Simple) POTENTIAL ISSUE: There is currently not an accepted method available that allows the in situ redaction of native files. RESOLUTION: The most accepted solution is not to produce the native, rather to convert the document that needs redaction into an unendorsed, production-quality image file (such as a TIFF) and apply the redactions to that version of the document. This simple process is followed by several other steps that must be performed and quality controlled. Since the text has been changed, the new version will need to be OCRed for the new, redacted text to be made available. Since the file is no longer in the native format, metadata associated with the file will need to be provided elsewhere, typically in a loadfile; however, depending on what was redacted, select metadata may also need to be redacted. For instance, if the subject of the email is redacted, the subject line from the loadfile must also be redacted. 7