Six Common Review and Production Problems: How to Fix Them August 2014 - Page 6

Through many years of experience in creating productions, we’ve been able to identify a number of issues that may arise, and offer suggestions on how to resolve them. “The future of legal technology lies in PROCESS. People need to apply an auditable, transparent process understood by technical professionals as well as legal professionals.” -Rick Nalle, Director, Forensic Technology Services, KPMG LLC; Member, Board of Governors, OLP “The future of legal technology lies in the ability of legal professionals to not only recognize and become adept at utilizing technology but more importantly, harness the power of these techno-logical advancements by identifying ways legal professionals may engage technology and work in conjunction with it, in order to maximize the quality and value of legal services, while minimizing costs and expenses.” -Marissa Moran, Professor, New York City College of Technology, CUNY; former associate, Kaye, Scholer, Hayes & Handler; Member Board of Governors, OLP 6