Six Common Review and Production Problems: How to Fix Them August 2014 - Page 5

Introduction Production is the Part You Don’t Want to Get Wrong In many instances, the “completion” (pretrial presentation) of an ediscovery project is the “production” of documents that will meet the requests made by the other side. The challenge in meeting production requests and specifications can be the variety of document types - from generic (Microsoft) Word and Excel documents to (Adobe) PDF. Some collections may also include CAD drawings, videos, or obscure file formats that are proprietary to an industry. Documents may contain privileged information, trade secrets, Personal Health Information, or Personally Identifiable Information (PII), which require redaction for appropriate protections. Since productions themselves are meant to contain the relevant documents, a well-thought-out production process is key to both meeting the needs of the production request and the needs of the client. 5