Six Common Review and Production Problems: How to Fix Them August 2014 - Page 19

Conclusion Solutions can lie in the steps before production, particularly during review. Whether performed though keyword or conceptual searching or individual linear review, productions can be made easier by using a tool that allows you to organize documents as a precursor to production; a system that is flexible enough to allow foldering and easy sorting. Further, a good review tool can create a seamless handoff to the production stage, whether it be TIFF, native, or a hybrid/blended production. Leveraging the expertise of a vendor and software can greatly increase the quality of a production. And since the production of the documents is one of the final stages, and the documents that are included could contain key exhibits for the case, this all important step must be done with the utmost attention to detail. Taken on their own, each of these issues can be handled as a review or production proceeds. However, if a project encounters several – or all – of the above, it may behoove the legal team to step back and examine the overall strategy in order to get back on track. It may mean halting review for a day or two but the benefit of proceeding in an orderly fashion for the remainder of the project outweighs the time and cost of re-doing and re-re-doing document batches and productions. 19