Six Common Review and Production Problems: How to Fix Them August 2014 | Page 13

CHAPTER FOUR Production Numbering POTENTIAL ISSUE: Numbering is a more complex operation that requires two things before beginning: all documents must be in order (generally, email attachment should occur after the parent email – not all tools automatically do this) and the type of numbering matters (i.e., by document or by page? continuation of previous numbering? native and images?). No matter how small, any changes to a production after everything has been numbered may require going back and re-numbering the entire production. For example, removing page 68 or document 52 (due to privilege or other concerns) would leave a gap that could be questioned by the receiving party. RESOLUTION : To avoid numbering a production multiple times, decide upfront on a numbering schema and only apply that numbering once the production is final. 13