Sincerus Solutions August 2020 - Page 5

lead to analysis paralysis would do well to get over that in a hurry because executives have short patience for managers they constantly see boxing themselves in a corner with the excuse “well, the bad decision I made was the only one available; there were no alternatives.” Sometimes it is true that it comes down to choosing a leastbad course of action, but again having more alternatives available increases the likelihood of making a better decision in an ugly situation. The topic of decision making is difficult to even discuss of course because how can you know you’ve made a good management decision versus a bad one? Or more importantly, how can the company? This is where it is important to outline what a successful management decision looks like, providing as many metrics as necessary, to avoid confusion and give other stakeholders at the company confidence that your decision was the best one. SINCERUS SOLUTIONS | RECRUITING & STAFFING SOLUTIONS 5