Sincerus Solutions August 2020 - Page 22

TIPS FOR CRISIS COMMUNICATION First is to keep in mind a framework for crisis communication. A common one suggested by experts has 3 dimensions: 1 . 2 . 3 . disseminate accurate information as quickly as possible, respond to incorrect information that may be circulating as quickly as possible, activate appropriate communication channels to keep the necessary stakeholders informed on an ongoing basis. Doing that is easier said than done, however, but that is where the other tips come in. Next, it’s vital that initial information be kept simple, so the message for both the public and media is as clear as possible. This will help in getting it out faster and also help in minimizing confusion, which can lead to incorrect information circulating (which means less time a company has to spend fixing that incorrect information). Speaking of getting the information out faster, beyond making sure the information is factual, do not waste time in getting it out. The more time spent getting initial information out to stakeholders, the more potential for damage from the crisis to impact your company. 22 SINCERUS SOLUTIONS | RECRUITING & STAFFING SOLUTIONS