Sincerus Solutions August 2020 - Page 18

WHAT TO DO TO IMPROVE MY SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING “ Some experts recommend only spending 20% of the time creating content; 80% of the time should be spent on distributing it. “ Images are very effective when it comes to social media marketing. Study after study show that articles with images are much more likely to get views than those without images; sometimes as high as 95% more likely. However, as noted before, savvy social media marketers don’t spend too much time on creating/editing images because they need to only spend 20% of their time creating the content, remember? So, what do they do? They save time by using photo editing tools that streamline processes related to images. There are many tools discoverable right now after a simple Google search. As important as images are to social media marketing, many campaigns nowadays are paradoxically extremely visual based. That’s why incorporating audio into your marketing strategy is a great way to stand out and connect with your audience on another level. Twitter for example lets you audio-tweet beyond the character limit, so taking advantage of that is a great idea if Twitter is a big part of your social media marketing strategy (it most likely should be). Or if your company happens to get a lot of great customer testimonials, the testimonial could be verbalized and then sent out social media. Finding other ways to incorporate audio are great ideas for breaking through today’s visual clutter and giving your brand a personal touch. 18 SINCERUS SOLUTIONS | RECRUITING & STAFFING SOLUTIONS