Sincerus Solutions August 2020 - Page 17

Learning how to adapt and improve is a key ability of any successfully company. There are many companies that have been in business for hundreds of years each, but social media has only been around for the past decade or so. Successful companies have learned how to incorporate social media into their marketing processes to grow and expand at rates never thought possible. A successful social media marketing strategy means having a well thought out plan that guides your company in everything from attracting users to engaging fans/followers. This article will elaborate on new ideas for getting the attention of users, interacting with them, and taking advantage of recent trends online. One part of said strategy is repurposing old content. It saves time but is also very effective for expanding reach, if done in the right way because constantly creating content for the same group of readers is not going to help expand your audience considerably. What is necessary to do that is getting your already valuable content to reach more people. Some experts recommend only spending 20% of the time creating content; 80% of the time should be spent on distributing it. SINCERUS SOLUTIONS | RECRUITING & STAFFING SOLUTIONS 17