Sincerus Solutions August 2020 - Page 13

THE OFFICE By Staff Writers where people genuinely thrive under pressure. In most cases, trying to focus on too many things at once leads to people feeling overwhelmed, which is not where most people want to be. Increasing productivity by focusing on one task at a time is not as easy as it sounds though so there are bound to be mistakes. One key of the most productive people is being able to bounce back from failures. They do this by first recognizing that they have gotten offtrack, quickly determining how to get back on-track, and then setting up whatever safeguards they can in the future to prevent that specific thing from causing problems again in the future. Emails are pointed out as the biggest offender when it comes to distractions, so putting safeguards in place to help with that is probably a good idea on the road to being the most productive you can be. SINCERUS SOLUTIONS | RECRUITING & STAFFING SOLUTIONS 13