Simply Elevate January 2014 - Page 9

when they aren’t sure. SE: Why do consumers need your merchandise or service? SH: Consumers need my merchandise because what they are getting along with great customer service is a product that is going to high in quality, excellent construction, detailed and designed to fit their needs. SE: How do you remain current? SH: I remain current sort of like animals in nature, I follow my heart, whatever God/the universe pushes me toward I follow. Up to date it has never steered me wrong. I am ultimately always current with fashion trends and style just by being me and enjoying all the wonders of our beautiful world. SE: What is the most rewarding part of starting or having your own clothing or styling company? SH: The most rewarding part of this industry is seeing a happy client at the end of the design process. Also when your vision is executed and is exactly what you visualized it can be the greatest feeling. SE: Who is your customer base? SH: My customer base is professional women who has a daring side, she is not afraid to try new things and she is willing to take a risk with her head held high and confident in her walk. . SE: Where can customers go to get your product or service? SH: SE: How or where do you get your inspiration from? SH: My biggest inspirations in my life are my grandmothers. They have always been strong independent and focus on making sure the lives of the people they love are full of love. My fashion inspirations come from my mother and father’s mother. They are two fearless women who know exactly who they are style wise. SE: What is the vision or the message you want to convey to your audience or customers? SH: Follow your heart, it is the one part of your body that taps in directly with Gods will. It will never lead you in the wrong direction. Find a way to express yourself. Sometimes that’s the only way people can see who you really are. SE: What is the vision for yourself and your company in 5 to 10 years? SH: Upon graduation I plan on attending Parsons New School of Technology to gain a Masters in Fashion Design. In 5 years, I expect to be selling my clothing in boutiques and select retailers while working as an art director for other companies. In 10 years, I expect to have clothing, home goods, makeup, skincare and fragrance, in my repertoire. I am going to be a successful American designer. 9