Simply Elevate January 2014 - Page 4

There is water beyond the trees - MD Marcus stiff from the night, aching cold my tired joints may crack and creak still my hands be brazen, bold reaching out for what I seek though bitter chills numb thru to bone spirit and body will to subsist forging new ways amidst unknown I speak and move and must persist warm breath suspends transforming clouds fusions of certainty, life, and love summoning prophecies dared aloud traversing spaces undreamed of tiny pebbles strewn along the pass to bare feet bring stumbling pains my soles forged thick, o’er rock or grass, walk undeterred despite terrain forests grow dense, darker my sight by the wayside, linger the weary forlorn awaiting returning sunlight making homes in lands bleak and dreary the way onward is curved, icy, dim dismal the landscape surrounding ‘just up ahead’ is this heart’s sweet hymn steadfastly, the footfalls resounding. 4