Simply Elevate January 2014 - Page 30

2014 Year of Fulfillment Two friends were discussing how it seemed as if everyone they knew was experiencing difficult times during the last year. Many had to relocate to a smaller and more affordable home or to reside with family and friends. Jobs and loved ones were lost unexpectedly causing people to change their entire life styles and perceptions of reality. If this was not enough several people began to lose sight of self, family, and ambitions because of the amount of hours they dedicated at generating income to support the basic needs of life and maintain their bills. While discussing the individuals they met, they also reflected on the number of tragedies that happened across the world, government reforms and legislations that took place, changes in media and entertainment, separation of closeness in communities, and the overall society as it stands today compared to in their youth. They conversed as if it was the end of the world and nothing could change it; just as several of us do when we choose to focus on the occurrences of life with clouded lens. We have a tendency to get stuck in the muck of the trials that we all endure and come across in our everyday lives. However, there is the reality that everyone has the ability to look at a situation in a manner that transforms the current reality of tragedy into one that is transforming. The reality is that during 2014 we have to reflect upon the beauty of how the fires that flared were intended to renew our lives by renewing the elements that served as distractions from what we need to do and where we are working to reach! Our lives are equal to the trees in the rain forest that experience a long term fire that last for days, weeks, and years with all seen life being removed. The land appeared scorched with all trees, plants, and inhabitants dying to 30 By: Acquilla Faye McCoy no longer exist in their current form. However, upon examination it is revealed that the land was refreshed with the nourishments that it lacked which are gained as a result of the death of the things that once lived. Then years later, the forest flourishes with plants and animals in more abundance providing remedies and healing to aliments that plague the environment. THIS IS EXACTLY HOW OUR LIVES WORK. SOMETIMES WE GET TO A POINT IN OUR LIVES WHEN EXTERNAL FORCES HAVE TO TAKE CONTROL, REMOVE THE WASTE, AND RENEW OUR SURROUNDINGS, SO THAT WE CAN LIVE IN PROSPERITY AND BLISS! As the New Year begins and we make our resolutions let’s appreciate the results of the fire while evaluating where it is we really want to be in life. Let’s make the resolution to change our attitudes and perceptions to create the environment that we want and deserve on a daily basis. We can resolve to love ourselves and the ones in our lives whom we value to the point that we make a conscious effort to make strides through our words and actions on a regular basis to develop these relationships to the ultimate point of happiness and success. As we sit back alone to reminisce about our diets, habits, relationships, careers, and families amongst oth