Silver and Gold Magazine Spring 2015 - Page 4 SPRING 2015 16 13 ONLINE 10 10 | TACKLING HOME & GARDEN Local Landscape Designer shares spring tips. 13 | EDIBLE FLOWERS Grow them, appreciate them, then eat them! 14 | THE AVOCADO This multi-purpose fruit is not just for eating. 16 | SELL ‘n STAY New program helps seniors unlock their equity and stay in their own home. 4 Don’t overspend on creams. See our all-natural Avocado Facial recipes online. 22 | LIVING WITH ENERGY Explore this gentle technique to energize. 24 | NOW I HEAR WHAT YOU HEAR The challenge is admitting a hearing issue exists. 26 | RISKY REAL ESTATE Not reporting a flood can hurt you financially. 28 | TRAVEL WITH PURPOSE Volunteering abroad offers new opportunities for discovery of personal fulfillment. More articles, recipes & resources: