Silver and Gold Magazine Spring 2015 - Page 3

BURLINGTON LOCATION: Burlington Professional Centre 3155 Harvester Rd., Suite 103 905-333-8555 OMNI FOOT & CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC Goodbye Winter Boots! Hello aches and pains... Footwear: Choose wisely Although we are always excited to put on our sandals and flip flops, the truth is that our feet are actually much better supported in a boot. Not that we are suggesting you wear boots all year long, but rather taking care to ensure you don’t spending too much time (or money) in footwear that is not going to be very supportive. Flip flops in particular do not offer much in the way of foot and ankle support, and can drastically change the way we walk, shortening our strides. The design of many flip flops can cause the foot muscles to “grab” – more often making existing conditions such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis and knee strains, even more painful. If you plan on walking quite a bit this spring, choose a supportive walking shoe or runner. Leave the flip flops for pool-side! Hydrate often We are generally more active when spring arrives, and combined with an increase in temperature leaves us open to the risk of dehydration. Dehydrated muscles are much more prone to injury, even if you take precautions such as stretching and lifting properly. Without water, our muscles cannot function. Be aware that coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages are diuretics and can increase dehydration, so be sure to supplement with good old H2O as you increase your walking/exercise. Plant and rake without the ache! Tending to the yard in the spring can be a pleasure for some and a chore for others. Regardless, there is a right way and wrong way to do it! Prevent injury by always warming up before taking on any gardening task. Stretch, walk and bend, in order to give your body a head start. Great Gift Idea! Treat your loved ones to a professional foot care visit or acupuncture session. MILTON LOCATION: OMNI Health and Rehab Centre 310 Main Street E., Suite 108 905-876-8885 We’re Looking After Your Health! $ 35 Seniors Day Call us in Burlington or Milton for complete details. Most injuries we see are a result of improper lifting. Remember the following rules of thumb: • Before lifting a heavy item, get yourself close to it with your feet, waist, and shoulder, all pointing towards it. • Lift smoothly with your knees bent and back straight, and avoid jerky uncoordinated movements. • Do not lift heavy objects immediately after staying in any prolonged position, such as bending or kneeling. Take your time! • If after working, you do experience back pain that lasts more than 3 days, call us for a chiropractic evaluation. Winter weather takes its toll! It is often helpful to think of our muscles and ligaments as elastic rubber bands. Have you ever taken a rubber band out of the fridge? It is stiff and has lost a fair bit of elasticity; the same happens to our cold muscles: They become weaker and harder too stretch. Muscles are designed to move, and lack of movement causes them to atrophy and break down. It’s particularly important to acknowledge that our bodies have been through a rough winter patch and need to be rehabilitated. Now that the cold weather is on its way out, MOVE – whenever and wherever possible. Walk somewhere, and get the blood flowing in those stiff muscles and creaky joints. Movement will also help bring fresh blood flow and oxygen to your joints! In addition, try using a heating pad, hot bath or acupuncture. Call Us Today To Book Your FREE Consultation: We are accepting new patients, and as always, no referrals are required!