Silver and Gold Magazine Spring 2015 - Page 14

FOODS AVOCADO: MULTIPURPOSE FRUIT M ak e y our ow n p es ! A vo ca d o Fa ci a l re ci zin e. ca w w w .s il ve rg ol d m a ga The avocado is classified as a flowering plant and is part of the berry family. Can be used as a fat replacement in baking by using equal amount of avocado instead of oil, butter or shortening. Its healthy fats actually help lower your risk of heart disease. There are over 80 varieties of avocados. The most common is the HASS, which grows all year. One avocado can have twice the potassium of a banana. Extracts from avocado oil can reduce Osteoarthritis pain. Avocado oil (derived from its shell) has a natural sunscreen (SPF 15). Very low in sugars, making them one of the safest fruits to eat. Helps get rid of bags under the eyes. They will ripen quicker if placed in a bowl next to a banana or apple. 14 Use as a hair mask or conditioner to rejuvenate your scalp and hair. More articles, recipes & resources: Is it ripe yet? Look under the dry little spot on the stem end (pick the bump off). If it’s green, it’s perfectly ripe. If it’s brown, it’s overripe.