Silver and Gold Magazine Spring 2015 - Page 10

OUTDOORS TACKLING SPRING HOME & GARDEN – By Brandon Gelderman This is the time of year for renewal of our homes, gardens and our lives. As the weather warms, we naturally develop a positive feeling of rebirth. Photo: Debbie Gale For reorganizing and decluttering of your home, start with three groups of containers (large plastic bins are a good choice): Items to keep; items to put in storage; items to give away or sell. We all need to de-clutter! Items that you did not use last year or the year before, need to go in the “Give Away or Sell” container. Those that need to be “Stored” are those things that will be used in the next season – such as winter garments, ice skates, and snow brushes. The balance of your items are those which you will need in the upcoming milder months. Photo: Evan Bingley Part filled cans of paint are something that a lot of us seem to retain for years. At the time we finished painting, it was le