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Autumn 2017 Volume Number 2 Silver and Gold Magazine is published four • times per 11 year: Spring – March / April / May Summer – June / July / is August Silver & Gold published four times per year: Fall – September / October Spring / November (March, April, May) Winter – December / January / February Summer (June, July, subscribers August) PLUS monthly e-newsletter – reaching over 10,000 Fall (September, October, November) Publisher & Editor: Winter (December, January, February) Suzanne Soto-Davies PLUS monthly e-newsletters, reaching over 11,000 subscribers Advertising Publisher & Editor: anne Soto-Davies 905-220-0762 Suzanne Soto-Davies Mark Jenkyns 905-520-6921 Contributors This Issue’s Contributors: a Benedetto, Dr. Charlene Brannon, Jacklyn Fernandez, Angela Goldrup, Dr. Sara Celik, Nancy Jones, Chobrda, Jacklyn Fernandez, Norm, Bob Hawkins, Mark Jenkyns, Valerie Ejaz Nadeem MA, CFP, CLU Elizabeth , Jack Ressell, Suzanne Soto-Davies, Marianne Vogel. Paulette Petz-Scheme, Deborah Seigel, Olga Shewchun, Suzanne Soto-Davies, Trevor Trower, Marianne Vogel. On The Cover: Silver and Gold Magazine * “Yellow Fallen Autumn” – © Natalia Zakharova blished by Silver and Gold Publishing, a division of 2113801 Ontario Inc. Mail: Silver and Gold Publishing, Advertising Inquiries: P.O. Box 80026, Burlington, ON L7L 6B1 Phone 905-220-0762 Mark Jenkyns 905-520-6921 info@silverg Silver and Gold is published *Trademark of Magazine* 2113801 Ontario Inc. by Silver and Gold Publishing, a division of 2113801 Ontario Inc. Printed in Canada ISSN 1913-1232 MAIL US: PO Box 80026, Burlington, Ontario L7L 6B1 Distribution / Subscriptions CALL US: (905) 220-0762 Controlled circulation at key retail and service points where adults shop, play and work, and by residential mail delivery. *TM of 2113801 Ontario Inc. Also available by subscription in print and online. Proudly published and printed in HST). Canada • ISSN 1913-1232 Yearly print subscriptions $25.93 (including Special online edition may include audio & video features, by subscription request content to: All editorial ©2017 Silver and Gold Publishing unless otherwise noted. No part of this publication may be reproduced or Silver Publishing Policies copied and from Gold our print or online editions without our prior consent. © Copyright 2015 Silver and do Gold a division of or recommendation. Advertisements not Publishing, imply endorsement 2113801 Ontario Inc. No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior written consent by Silver and Gold Publishing. Silver and Gold does not imply recommendation or endorsement of any product or Silver service unless otherwise and advertised, Gold acknowledges the clearly stated. support of the Ontario Media Development Privacy Policy Corporation (OMDC) through its Individuals who contact Silver and Gold electronically will be Magazine Fund. Thank automatically added to our contact list for you! events or special promotions purposes only. You may opt out at any time. We guarantee information received be kept private Privacy will Policy Guarantee and will be neither nor Publishing provided to will anyone else. sell nor give away Silver sold & Gold not rent, M y mother was always a great cook, and she raised us eating a large variety of healthy meals. We hardly ever ate out – partly because in South America it’s like that: Home cooked is best! My Nonna on the other hand, never thought my mother was a great cook, because she said her cooking was “too fast” – she believed meals should simmer for hours in order to be healthy. Putting this Fall issue together and learning much more about the “Slow Cooker” (p.18) taught me both of these wonderful women in my life were right! And what’s most important is just to make the effort to cook at home as much as possible. At our Good Living Show I had the opportunity to have do my DNA test. I spat in the unit and off it went to Ireland! As I wait for the DNA results (stay tuned for an update) it made me realize that, yes... my family background is very global – so why would anyone expect my mother and my Nonna to agree on something as trivial as cooking? Boy, would the slow cooker have made them both happy! Happy autumn – eat well, and cheers to family. your contact information. We respect your privacy. /silverandgoldmagazine @silvergoldmag @silvergoldmag Suzanne Soto-Davies Founder & Publisher, Silver and Gold Magazine Silver & Gold Magazine ~ Autumn 2017 5