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We had the privilege of seeing the show “ Cavalia ” this summer , as part of our mission to spend some quality time with the family . We skipped the Mikey Mouse park and decided on a “ stay-cation ”… It was fantastic ! From the moment you first spot the White Big Top , to entering and finding your seats … This is not your regular circus , not that there are many left for us to experience … seeing shows like Cavalia is something you must experience with the kids , grandkids , the whole family !
Cavalia was truly an experience for everyone in the family , regardless of age . And it made us realize that we have such a great opportunity to see Number One shows like this one right in our own backyard , yet many of us let these opportunities go by .
Cavalia Inc is a Canadian-owned entertainment company that specializes in the creation , production and touring of innovating shows . The company reimagines the equestrian and theatrical arts , and it has become an integral part of Canada ’ s cultural heritage ... it is the largest Canadian-owned cultural experience !
Cavalia ’ s expertise in high technology , multimedia and special effects creates a magical , unique experience . The show has now been seen by more than 5 million people across North America , Europe , Australia , the Middle East and Asia , since its debut in 2003 .
The horses are beautiful of course , and we were impressed with their care and attention ( this was by far my biggest impress , as I ’ m an animal lover and advocate ): Never a slap , never a whip with a training stick , it was humbling to watch
how each trainer seemed to connect deeply with their horse . Mesmerizing , almost as if in a trance , at one point Adrien surrounded himself with seven white horses , guiding them to gently dance around him in a circle with just the wave of a hand and a soft whisper of their name …
South African acrobats and dancers ’ moves were contagious ! Flips , jumps , dancing and playing music to their drums , brought the audience energy up and to laugh with joy . Beautiful acrobatics , impeccably talented musicians , stunning aerialists , the lighting and stage were extraordinary and never made you feel like you were in a moving , travelling tent !
Cavalia is not just any show : It ’ s first class . There is so much more that could be said , however it MUST be seen and heard in person . At first , I felt a huge itch to take photos of every single moment ( they ’ re not allowed anyway ), then I understood that as John Mayer song says : “ you should ’ ve seen that sunrise with your own eyes .” So many surprises with stage changes , water and light shows , the talent of the whole team , there was so much to see and feel .
Yes , it wasn ’ t an “ inexpensive show ”, but travelling with that much staff , gear , 65 horses in some 120 vehicles to carry everything including the 125-feet tall White Big Top takes a bit . In my eyes , there ’ s nothing quite like spending quality family time in moments like these , that you don ’ t forget regardless of whether you ’ re two or ninety-two .
If you ’ re looking for a spectacular family outing , be sure to add your name to the “ Cavalia ” list online , so you can be advised when they ’ re around next .•
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