Silver and Gold Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 3

Senior-Focused Foot Care Available The Importance of Healthy Feet Muscles The muscle groups of your two feet make up 25 percent of the body's muscles. If you ignore the strength and function of the muscles in your feet, it is like eliminating upper-body exercises from your routine. Foot strength influences proper foot mechanics, gait patterns, ankle stabilization, and whole-body balance. And just like any other structure in the body, dysfunction in our feet can lead to injuries, including knee pain and lower back aches.These exercises not only target the toes but the small and large muscles in the foot and lower leg. Toe Lifts: Lift your big toe on its own, without the other toes lifting. Keep working on it until you are capable of doing it smoothly. Once that is easy, proceed to lifting each toe one at a time, until they are all in the air. Then, reverse and place them down again, starting with the smallest toe, until you get to your big toe. Toe Spreads: Stand or sit barefoot, with the weight on your heels so you can lift your toes. Now spread your toes away from each other without lifting them off the ground. Do this 15 times. Strengthen the Bottom of your Feet: In this exercise, you can either use small pebbles/toys that you will pick up with your toes, one by one, from the ground. You can also use a towel that you will scrunch with your toes. Try to feel the muscles in the bottom of your feet. Foot Circles and Points: Many foot problems happen because of the limited flexibility in the ankle and surrounding muscles. Restorative foot flex-and-point exercise and foot circles will create more movement in your ankles and bigger range of motion. Do each point and flex, and clockwise and counterclockwise motions 20 times. After only a few weeks of these exercises, you will notice better movement with daily activities. Call us at Omnifoot Clinic for an appointment to address any issues. BURLINGTON FOOT CLINIC Burlington Professional Centre 3155 Harvester Rd., Suite 103 905-333-8555 As always, no doctor referral is necessary - call us! Foot care & Orthotic Centre Physiotherapy Chiropractic Relieve joint and muscle pain Restore and maintain functional movement and pain relief Sports Injury Rehabilitation One-on-one water based, assisted by our professionals BURLINGTON REHAB CENTRE Inside Cedar Springs Health Club 960 Cumberland Avenue 905-635-5711 Acupuncture Relieve pain, improve sleep, digestion and more Aqua-Therapy MILTON OMNI Health and Rehab Centre 310 Main Street E., Suite 108 905-876-8885