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Finding Your Joy and Living Your Dream Excerpt from “Mindful Aging”: Embracing your life after 50 to find fulfillment, purpose and joy. – By Andrea Brandt F or many people, turning 50 is just the beginning of great things: Pablo Picasso was 55 when he painted Guernica, and much of his best work was still ahead of him. Barbara Hillary, a retired nurse and two-time cancer survivor, decided at 75 that she’d like to see the North Pole and raised $25,000 to make the trip, becoming the first African American woman to visit there. And J. R. R. Tolkien was 62 when he published The Lord of the Rings. Given these accomplishments and adventures past midlife – well past, in some cases – it’s surprising that the media-fed fantasy of “old age” features beach walks and golf and a “life of leisure.” If you’re buying into these daydreams, be warned. Research suggests they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. A British study showed that boredom set in as soon as 10 months after retirement. While many people make financial plans for their post- career life, they don’t address a key question: What will you do all day once you have no job to go to? Home in Niagara Falls! Whether you are looking for a maintenance free lifestyle to enjoy retirement or perhaps you have a busy schedule and a turn-key suite is what you need – Panorama Suites in Niagara Falls is an extraordinary place to call home! Suites starting from $269,000 Creating a Vision Let’s take an imaginative trip. We’re attending our own memorial service. Who would be there? What would they say about you? Was there a single thread that best defined your life and your passion? If your answers to these questions leave you feeling disappointed, you have time to create a brighter scenario. A mindful life is one in which we remain aware that the day of our eulogy will eventually come and let that awareness guide our choices. It’s never too late to craft a new vision, and we’re never too old to pursue it. We need a vision that will actually bring us the satisfaction and love we want, rather than someone else’s notion of what we should want or love. Focusing on the qualities we want to experience – authenticity, vitality, loving connection, fulfillment, adding meaning to other people’s lives – will help us achieve our desired result. Having this kind of intention without knowing exactly how we might accomplish it makes way for the most free and innovative part of us to contribute in the creative process, leading to a much more rewarding journey than our rational mind might devise.• Sales Office: 7000 McLeod Rd., Unit 7A, Niagara Falls Fri. to Sun. 11am - 5pm Call for special appointment • 289.228.2888 Silver & Gold Magazine ~ Autumn 2017 27