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– By Suzanne Soto-Davies
When my mother suffered an unexpected brain aneurysm and was given a 2 % chance of survival , our family realized how utterly unprepared we were . Even though we considered ourselves a close family , at this time we felt we knew nothing .
We didn ’ t know how to help my mom while she was in hospital for these six long months – how did she pay her bills ? When was her last doctor ’ s check up , or how could we disable her credit cards ? Who else had her house key , and – since she lived four hours away – what was her neighbour ’ s phone number so she could look after her cats ? Gosh ... what was her neighbour ’ s last name so we could at least look it up !
Thankfully my mother survived this difficult time . But this turmoil led me to create the WISH booklet . I felt it was so important for everyone to have something organized in which to jot down all that important information you ’ d want your loved ones to have access to , in case of an emergency .
The WISH booklet does not replace a Will , it fully complements it . Let ’ s face it , in case something happens to you , will your Trustee know enough about your personal life to help ? Would your family be prepared to do so ? I ’ m not tring to instil fear nor am I suggesting you ’ ll pass away tomorrow , but if anything unexpected happens to you – is it fair not to have those around you prepared so they can help you ?
Suzanne and her mother . Read the full , very personal story HERE : silvergoldmagazine . ca
Please consider getting a WISH booklet , even gifting one for Christmas . It will be your best $ 15 dollar investment .•

What if something happens to you ?

Would your loved ones know what to do ? How to pay your bills , how to disable your credit cards , what to tell emergency doctors about your medications , allergies , even family history ?
The 16-page WISH booklet ( What If Someting Happens ) does not replace a Will – it fully complements it .
It ’ s an inexpensive , responsible way of providing you and your loved ones with peace of mind .


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