Silver and Gold Magazine Autumn 2020 - Page 9

Adjusting to the benefits of a pandemic, and seeing the good side of the situation. Changes in people: The most positive changes that we have seen, are the changes in how we relate to others: We yearn for the simple things, like a hug, a handshake, and an outdoor lunch with a friend. We miss our families, and plan safe distanced get-togethers outdoors. Emotionally, we have learned to value relationships even more, and our get-togethers are much more meaningful, as we focus on conversations about life and living, rather than work and money. From a health perspective, the media has largely focused on the increased numbers of Covid-19 infections and the steps needed to decrease transmission. Little has been said about the importance of protecting one’s health by improving our state of mind, decreasing stress, and boosting the immune system, which is a shame, because we all have needed it. We’ve had to learn on our own – sometimes through unreliable website channels, which may share conflicting information about the ways in which we can prevent illness, and decrease it if necessary. The good part of this is, that we have been searching for answers, and an inquisitive mind is the basis for education. We know for a fact that supplements such as Vitamin C, Zinc, Elderberry and Vitamin A, help with boosting the immune system; as such, and due to lock-downs and cleanliness factors, many retirement and long-term care residences have not suffered with a single case of the flu – which can be terribly debilitating for any residence where people may struggle with compromised immunities. Another positive change has been the growth in awareness and support for small businesses. In Canada, nearly 98% of businesses are small ones, ‘mom-and-pop’ shops who rely on our spend in order to put their children through dance lessons or a teen through college. Eating local, staying local, and supporting local in general, has become one of the biggest game-changers for 2020. There is beauty around us, and we have seen light through the clouds. We need to continue to take this strange unprecedented world as an opportunity to open some doors toward our own long-term happiness. Ask yourself: Why has this happened, and what can I do to make it a positive thing? I’d love to hear your stories so we can share them with others who may need to be lifted too. Contact me, let’s talk! • An award winning CFP - specializing in working with Seniors, Widows & Women Doesn’t Your Retirement Deserve a Professional? Léony deGraaf Hastings, CFP, CEA, EPC CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER • Retirement Income Planning • Retirement Income Planning • Asset & Estate Preservation • Asset & Estate Preservation It’s not too late to say goodbye, together We’re here to help. With changes to restrictions, you can finally gather together for a memorial event that celebrates your loved one’s memory, and comforts grieving hearts. Let us help with personalized options to suit your taste and budget. We’re dedicated to your safety with strict cleaning protocols, available hand sanitizer, masks, and seating that is appropriately distanced for up to 40 people in a single room. Call for information about creating your memorial event. Visit or call 289-812-4237 Dodsworth & Brown Funeral Home Burlington Chapel by Arbor Memorial 2241 New Street, Burlington, ON Silver & Gold Magazine ~ FALL 2020 Arbor Memorial Inc. 9